Alfredo martos "el maestro"

This volumn, “Alfredo Martos Gómez, El Maestro”, came into being as the result of musicological research carried out for the International University of Andalusia and the University of Granada.

The book presentation was held at the Salesian School of Linares on August 31st, 2013, together with a concert given by the Musical Association of Linares 1875, directed by Francisco Infantes, in which works by Alfredo Martos were performed.

The Municipal Band has been a fundamental part of the musical identity of the city of Linares for many years and the distinguished figure of Alfredo Martos Gómez has helped it shine with its own light thanks to his work as its leader for around forty years.

Alfredo Martos was a highly appreciated composer in his own lifetime, not only in the province of Jaén, but also at national level. His works include zarzuelas, pasodobles, funeral marches and music for brass bands.

The research into the figure of Alfredo Martos stems from the need to catalogue his musical work with the aim of completing the list of works composed by him to form a provisional catalogue and biography to bring both his life and music to a wider audience. 

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